--==[ EOSUSA AW Butler Service ]==--
Provided by EOSUSA

Introducing EOSUSA's AWButler service:
Making rewarding your land miners easy!

Our new AWButler monitoring service is designed to help Alienworld landowners run promotions on their lands to award NFTs and/or tokens to their miners without the hassle and technical burden of figuring out how to do it. You just send the NFTs to an account and our systems will automatically handle the airdrops based on the options you wish. See it in action running the promotions listed below!

AWButler monitors all Alienworld mining transactions and rewards any random qualifying miners automatically with randomized NFTs/tokens based on the criteria that you control. Simply fill the account with the airdrop NFTs/tokens along with the WAX to pay the processing fee and watch the NFTs rain on your miners (and see that extra TLM come rolling in as a result)!

Current conditional options available (a la carte) are:

  • Mined certain lands in customizable timeframes, such as every 1 hour, 24 hours, etc.
  • Detect lands to monitor based on land owner possessing other NFT (such as Cabal membership badge)
  • Required minimum stake on planet
  • Bonus selection chances if above minimum mining amount *** NEW ***
  • Requirement of any other on-chain information linkable to mining account (such as staking on other contracts)
  • Optional account blacklisting
  • Prevention of duplicate drops within any timeframe (24 unique winners every 24 hours)
  • Airdrop any AtomicAsset NFT or WAX-based tokens, not just Alienworlds cards
  • Random card selection options with optional filters such as certain card rarities, types, mint #s, or even specific cards (exclusion from seletion as well)
  • Automatic staking/unstaking to RPlanet for applicable NFTs *** NEW ***
  • Automatic logging publically available on aw.eosusa.io for verification
  • More features added daily!
  • -=[ Current AWButler Campaigns ]=-

    The Cabal



    Alien Worlds Pack Drop

    Kenn Bosak

    -=[ Costs ]=-
    -=[ Recurring Airdrops ]=-
    1 Hour Airdrops 24/7 = 2 WAX per drop (24 per day)
    24 Hour Airdrops = 50 WAX per drop (7 per week)
    Weekly Airdrops = 350 WAX per drop (1 per week)
    -=[ One-time Airdrops ]=-
    1 Hour One-time = 25 WAX One-time
    24 Hour One-time = 250 WAX One-time
    -=[ Processing Reports ]=-
    Last 2 airdrop logs only = INCLUDED
    Airdrop log archival = 5 WAX extra per drop
    -=[ Land Detail Lists ]=-
    Hourly list of all eligible land = 25 WAX per day
    * Custom payment arrangements can be discussed :)
    * Other tokens accepted but may increase pricing.
    * Contact @EOSUSA_Michael on Telegram if interested

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